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          CMOs, it’s time to stop squandering customer attention

          Businesses continue to highly value the attention they buy through paid media, yet at the same time, many continue to disregard and under-value opportunities to connect with customers using their owned media.

          It’s time for marketers to rethink their approach to ‘loyalty’

          According to a recent Mastercard survey, Australia is one of the more mature markets in the loyalty space, with nine out of 10 consumers carrying a loyalty card in their wallet. But how loyal are consumers really?

          Lee Naylor

          Managing partner, The Leading Edge

          5 things marketers need to do to get better in buy in when presenting

          Presentations are a marketer’s best friend. They can be a concise, targeted and effective form of communication with the potential to make a real impact on your audience.

          Emma Bannister

          Founder and CEO, Presentation Studio

          Great tips for tops skills need to develop and stay competitive


          The top skills needed to stay competitive in a rapidly changing workforce

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          The popularity of loyalty programs is diminishing, though I'd say it is because customers are savvy enough to recognise when a loyalty pr...


          It’s time for marketers to rethink their approach to ‘loyalty’

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          Thanks Nadia for sharing this blog. It has really useful and amazing information about Salesforce Commerce Cloud and digital engagement w...

          Holly Smith

          Adidas taps data and technology smarts to build personalised digital engagement with consumers

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          clearly someone who's jealous and only comments from the safety of being behind their keyboard

          Peter Sibson

          The purpose of purpose - Brand science - CMO Australia

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          haters gonna hate

          David Bentley

          The purpose of purpose - Brand science - CMO Australia

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